Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Supper

I have made it a tradition in our family that the birthday boy/girl always gets to choose what I make for supper on their birthday.
Jonathan chose chicken pot pie for his birthday supper.
Chicken pot pie is one of my favorites, but I don't make it a lot because it's one of those meals that is pretty labor I really have to plan my time well to get that meal done!
Jonathan gave me plenty of notice, thought, so I was able to manage my time just right to make it happen. I planned a leftover meal for Tuesday evening, so that I could spend the afternoon on Tuesday chopping the veggies, cooking the chicken and veggies, making the homemade gravy, and the homemade buttery pie crust and then putting it all together. I needed to do all of that on Tuesday so that I could make his birthday cupcakes on Wednesday. (another labor intensive job when you make it all from scratch - but totally fun - especially when you have little hands trying to help you along the way!)
Anyway, I am sure you get the idea that I have had my hands full this week! We sat down to our chicken pot pie last night ... and Jonathan made a huge deal about how awesome his birthday meal was ... and went on like that for a few minutes. A few minutes after that, he looked up at me and said ... "yeah... I don't want to eat this ... I'll just eat the chicken, okay?"
Hmmm ... now, why exactly did you choose chicken pot pie, Jonathan? I could have easily just made you some chicken! That would have only taken about 20 minutes! Oh well!
The rest of us, minus Aaron, thoroughly enjoyed Jonathan's birthday chicken pot pie!

In his defense, we made those cupcakes to take to his Cubbies class ... and I think he was just so excited about cupcakes and Cubbies that he just didn't have an appetite.


  1. SOUNDS DELICIOUS!! I love chicken pot pie and haven't made it in a long time! You have inspired me! The cupcakes looked very yummy. I bet his cubbie friends were so excited!

  2. What a great way to celebrate his birthday!

  3. Yummmm.... A chicken pot pie does sound good!!! And those cupcakes looked incredible. So glad that we got to help celebrate his birthday at Cubbies. It was like a party with 18 of his friends:)

  4. Miley and Braydon loved the cupcakes at cubbies. Miley said, "Mom, I got to have cake and it wasn't even my birthday! It was super good chocolate. Why can't you make that for me?"
    So thank you for the super good chocolate, and I now need the recipe!