Monday, October 18, 2010

The School Room/Guest Room

One of the things we love about this house is that the Master Bedroom is downstairs, and there are 3 very large bedrooms and an enormous bonus room upstairs. This is a picture of the school room/guest room before furniture.
And ... after furniture. I have all of the school books and supplies set up in the room. There are two nice closets in this room. One of them is Martin's and one is Aaron's. We are using the bonus room as the Boys' bedroom - and it doesn't have a closet. So, Martin and Aaron use the closets in this room. Rosalie has a huge walk-in closet that she and Jonathan share.
I love having a room to store all of our school supplies and books. I also love having a room that my mom can have all to herself when she comes to visit.
Eventually we'd like to put a queen size futon in this room ... but for now we are using what we already have.

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