Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Runner's Camp 2013

We have been having a fantastic summer! Our school year ended the week before Runner's Camp and we have been busy ever since! We are so blessed with our church's ministry of Runner's Camp! This is our second year going to the North Wake Runner's Camp. Runner's Camp is similar to a vacation bible school with small group bible study and devotions and music. However, they spend the week learning track and field events too. This year all 3 boys were old enough to attend the Runner's Camp. Rosalie went to the mini-camp. I volunteered for the hospitality staff. The picture above is from the first day of Runner's Camp as the 3 boys were headed to be with their age group.

The last event of each day was gathering as a large group to sing songs written by our very talented worship leader, Daniel Creswell. (pictured below) Daniel led the children in singing songs that were very intentional about presenting the gospel of Christ. 

Aaron is with the light blue group. 

Martin is with the orange group. 

Each team works on a cheer for the week. This is Martin's group of 11 year old boys doing their cheer!

The next two pictures are of Aaron playing the gorilla/man/gun game that they play every year at Runner's Camp. So.Much.Fun!

At the end of the week, the runner's participate in a track meet. Aaron ran the 400 and the 800 and won 2nd place in both events.

Jonathan ran the hurdles, 100 meter, and 200 meter. Martin ran the 400, 100, and hurdles. It was a wonderful week and we are already excited for the 2014 Runner's Camp.

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