Monday, July 1, 2013

End of the 2012-2013 school year

This was definitely my most challenging school year, but somehow we managed to make it. I suppose it was hard on me trying to juggle Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 5th grade while also trying to keep Rosalie busy. We also added a few things into our schedule this past year that kept us busy. All three boys were tested this year and are doing incredibly well academically. They are all testing above grade level in most areas.  Aaron finished the 3rd grade!
Jonathan finished Kindergarten! He loves math and he loves listening to me read to him. He does not love reading, but is doing very well with reading too.

Rosalie has learned to write all of the letters and also knows all the sounds the letters make. She is an eager learner and wants to be doing school with the big boys. I am doing everything I can to hold her off a little longer, but she will probably be doing a little bit this coming year along with Jonathan. Mostly, I she will be listening to me read and continuing to do some writing. She really enjoys learning how to write and has excellent fine motor skills.

Martin finished 5th grade!!! I have a middle schooler! It's so hard to believe that I am done with the elementary years with him! He had an outstanding year and I am so pleased with how independent he has become with his work. We had to juggle schedules and distractions but he worked it all out and finished well! He is a hard worker and I am thankful for that! His math skills have drastically improved this year. He went from barely testing on grade level last school year to testing a grade level ahead this year. His reading and writing skills are a couple years ahead of grade level. He's really doing well! His favorite subjects are History and Science.

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