Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh My how she has grown!

I was just recently looking back at old photos and was struck by how much my "baby" has grown! I am thrilled with each new stage and so thankful for my little girl ... but when I look back at pictures like the one above I cannot help but be reminiscent of days gone by! Rosalie sure is full of joyful energy!

She doesn't hesitate to pose for the camera!

And while she can throw a temper tantrum like the best of them ... she really is as sweet as this pictures looks! Her big (almost) black eyes melt me every time I look into them!

She is also every bit as sassy as this picture indicates!  I love how she can dig in the dirt and run as fast or faster than any boy her age ... but is as girly as you can imagine when she is playing doll babies with her sweet friend, Hannah. She never stops talking or singing. She sings as much as she talks, and I will admit we have to ask her often to stop talking so that someone else can get a word in edgewise. Martin often suggests duct tape for her mouth. (no worries ... it's just a running joke!)
Rosalie has recently started writing her name ... on her own without help! We are amazed at how finely tuned her motor skills are at this age. (it's very different from what we experienced with the boys) She spells her name R O S A L E .
She forgets the "I" almost every single time ... but she's starting to catch herself.
She is a JOY! I am so thankful for my precious girl!


  1. In the first picture she still looks like a baby but she has become such a sweet little girl!! She is precious!

  2. She sure has grown!! I'm am finding it bittersweet as my children keep growing.