Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Political Boy

I didn't realize until just recently that when Martin sits with us each morning while we watch the news he actually watches and listens. He has been incredibly interested in this political election season ... and especially in who will be our next president.
A few days ago, he decided to make some posters for his candidate of choice...and then pass them out around the neighborhood. I am not surprised that a child of my husband's is already thinking about politics and government. Martin has also insisted that we record all the debates ... and he has watched them in their entirety the next day. I often wonder how much of the rhetoric he understands and I am amazed that he cares so much about it. I do hope that as he grows up he will continue to care, be thankful that we live in the USA, and be a passionate voter in the election process.


  1. Please tell Martin that I am so proud of him for being informed. I would be proud to display one of his signs at my house!!