Monday, October 15, 2012

Aaron's Season comes to a close

Aaron had a great experience playing fall baseball! His last game was this past weekend. I am so  thankful for our next door neighbors who helped in teaching Aaron some important skills necessary for playing the game. My wonderful neighbor spent some time watching Aaron try to swing and hit and discovered some things that Aaron needed to fix. Aaron listened carefully, made the necessary changes ... and was able to start hitting the ball! So, in his last two games he got 5 hits that got him to 1st base all 5 times ... and was able to get home 4 of those times! I am so thankful that my neighbor could help - we aren't exactly knowledgeable about the whole baseball thing ... so having neighbors who are ... really helps!! He played outfield often and he also ... to play the position of catcher quite a bit and he really loved it!

Here is a shot of his entire team and his coaches. I look forward to signing Aaron up for some Spring Baseball! He is already excited about the next season. 


  1. AHH...I know I have commented on your baseball posts before, but this really makes my heart happy!! I love that he was encouraged and learned new techniques and put them into action!! Jake was/is an outfielder and my brother was a catcher so those positions are very near and dear to our family! Congrats on getting a couple of singles in your last few games and scoring. Thats a pretty big deal!

  2. Truly a kid of many talents. That is one special kid!

  3. Nick used to love to play catcher. I never understood it with all that equipment and squatting...didn't look like fun to me! Congrats to Aaron on working to improve and showing his skills!