Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jonathan's 6th Birthday!

Oh yes I did! I made another tank cake!  A cake like this one is quite memorable and Jonathan announced a few weeks ago that he wanted his cake to be an army tank. Since I'd tackled it before, I figured I could tackle it again. 

Front View
Other side view

Jonathan opened up his gift from Nanny and Pupup first thing after he woke up on the morning of his birthday!

It was PERECT for Jonathan! It doesn't get much better than army stuff for this boy!

A little later he was off for his annual birthday lunch with Daddy. He chose the mexican restaurant ... this is a boy who loves tacos!

Then it was home for a house full of friends to celebrate his birthday. We chowed down on tank cake and ice cream and then opened gifts!

I loved that as he opened his gifts he had friends surrounding him and even up on the chair with him!

It was a special day from start to finish for Jonathan and I cannot believe my youngest son is 6 years old!

(And for those of you who are wondering ... I didn't make him a special birthday dinner on his actual birthday ... the day was just too full of other things to pull that off. So, a couple days later I made his favorite (for now) meal ... pasta, sauce, and meatballs)


  1. Happy Birthday Jonathan!!! I'm so glad he had such a fun day!!!

  2. Happy birthday Jonathan! Loved the cake!

  3. Six already? Happy Birthday to Jonathan! Cake looked amazing and sounds like he thoroughly enjoyed his special celebrations!

  4. I love hearing about your family birthdays. The cake they choose, the meal they request and the awesomeness of a special lunch with dad. Your kids will always have those memories and they will cherish them. Oh, and thanks for the meal inclusion at the end. You know I love to hear their picks. :)

  5. Happy 6th Birthday, Jonathan!!

    Great job on the cake, Larissa!