Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to safely remove a tick

It's tick season! My boys have already had to have several ticks removed this season and I know there is more to come. I came across this useful post, How to Safely Remove a Tick ... and thought I would share it with all my Mom friends. Tea Tree oil is not hard to find. In fact, I've seen it at Target before. It's super useful to have on hand ... and here is one more important use for it.

How many ticks have you had to remove already this year?


  1. Larissa, I have used Tea Tree Oil in the past. However, instead of applying it with a cotton ball, I simply would drink a bottle whenever I found a tick. The ticks simply would fall off. A couple of years ago I purchased a "Tick Whistle". It is a little known fact that ticks respond to a certain frequency and will unhook, go home and get their whistle, return and join the party. (JUST KIDDING!!!!) Thanks for the tip on the Tea Tree Oil. I will pick us up some next shopping trip as I walk the dogs daily at B. W. Wells and often take side trails to let my pups run free. They are protected with Frontline, but I am not! It is tick season and they are out in force this year. EZ

    1. You are too funny! They certainly are out in force.