Tuesday, April 10, 2012

All of the frogs/toads have beached!

 The metamorphosis has been an amazing thing for all of us to observe. We started with 8 tadpoles ... then caught another one a couple weeks into the project. So, we had 9 total. Now we have 8 frogs or toads. (not really sure yet what they are) The last one that we caught died before it beached. Those are pretty good odds, though. One of the reasons we caught so many was because I really didn't think they would live. I thought that out of 8 tadpoles, that we would at least get one that made it to frog/toad. 

They seem very comfortable in the habitat we have provided ... but the longer we keep them the less they will be able to survive out in the wild. So, last night Rich, Martin, and Aaron took 6 of them to their new home out by a pond in the woods.  We kept two of them so that we can continue observing their growth. The big debate now is what to name them! 

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  1. This was an such a fun thing to be able to bring into the house and watch!
    And now you have 2 new pets :)