Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rosalie's Birthday

We told Rosalie to keep her eyes closed while my Mom and Dad wheeled her present in ...

It's her first BIKE! It's PINK! And it's MINNIE MOUSE!!

She is so excited to ride her new bike! It's been rainy since they gave it to her, so she hasn't been able to ride it ... other than around our living room!

Okay ... you caught me ... I didn't bake her a cake. She never eats cake when I make it ... she just spoons off the icing. I was planning on making an actual cookie cake, but I had just made a bunch of cookies the day before when we had a family over for dinner and dessert ... so I just used the extra cookies that I had ... made some pink (strawberry) frosting and formed a heart with the cookies, made a border with the frosting, and put the candles in the frosting... It certainly wasn't the most beautiful creation in the world ... but she was happy and that's all that matters.
On a side note, I made the frosting pink using real strawberries! It was the perfect color pink and the frosting was delicious! 
Do you think this girl likes being a princess, or what?

This is quite possibly - my most favorite picture - ever of my girl!

She had so much fun blowing out the candles!


  1. Happy Birthday Rosalie! What a beautiful princess! The pictures do a great job of capturing her joy in getting a new bike. Rosalie is one of the prettiest pink princesses ever! How can she be three already? What happened to one and two? Thanks for sharing the photos. EZ

  2. She makes a very pretty princess! Love your favorite picture, too!

  3. Oh I love that cookie heart cake, Larissa! It seems to fit her likes to a tee too! And a Minnie Mouse bike! Oh my! You might have to share where you got that, because when Samantha is ready for a bike, that one might be just the most perfect thing!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! She is a beautiful princess!