Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And she can swallow ...

pills! This may not seem worthy of a blog post, but since this blog serves as a journal for my family, I have to document this monumentous event! During cold and flu season, besides being cautious about what the children eat ... especially sugary foods/drinks that depress the immune system ... I give the children supplements almost on a daily basis to boost their immune systems. Each child has learned to swallow pills at a different age ... and each one has been able to do it a little earlier than the last. Martin was probably about 7 before he could do it, Aaron was 5, Jonathan was 4, and Rosalie at just 3 years old ... can now do it! I always have liquid supplements and herbal homeopathic teas on hand for the ones who aren't able to swallow ... but the pressure to be able to swallow pills is pretty high around here, so she was super motivated to be able to do it!
For now, she is able to swallow only the small ones ... but it's a step!
In our family, we have been passing around some sort of upper respiratory virus over the past couple of weeks. So, we have been drinking lots of herbal tea and swallowing lots of supplements. So far, Rich and Rosalie has had the worst of it. Martin, Jonathan, and I haven't had anything more than drainage. Aaron had a sore throat and a little bit of an eye infection ... that I treated with some throat coat tea and some green tea bags and tea drops, respectively. (his ailments manifested in weird ways, but we managed to get rid of them quickly!)

Rosalie thinks that she is something else to be able to swallow pills like her big brothers! It was a huge celebration when she did it the first time ... her brothers surrounded her and cheered her on and gave her big hugs! (ummmm ... I think that avoiding princess syndrome in a house full of doting big brothers is impossible!)

Only 1 more month until Spring ... stay healthy!!


  1. I am very impressed! Think my mom was crushing and giving to me in a teaspoon of honey till I was about 10!! Yeah for Rosalie...such a big girl!