Friday, February 17, 2012

I have arrived!

This picture doesn't actually have anything to do with my topic today ... other than the fact that I am going to talk about Martin.
I am so thankful for Martin! He is such a wonderful kid. He has a helper's heart, is a super hard worker, and is an excellent student. This school year has been amazing for both of us.
The reason I feel as though I have "arrived" is that I can send Rosalie outside to play and assign Martin the job of watching her ... and he does an amazing job watching her, helping her, and taking care of her.
I have so often dealt with mom guilt over not having the time to take her outside ... while all the other children are outside playing. I try hard to have dinner preparations done early in the afternoon, so that I can take her out and give her outside time too. It just doesn't always happen.
Now, when I am needing to work on things inside, I can count on Martin to take care of things outside. I am so thankful for that boy!
I have asked Aaron a few times to watch her ... when I was inside doing something that also allowed me to be watching out the window ... and he does a great job too.
It won't be too much longer before we will have a live in babysitter ... and date nights won't be as expensive!

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