Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Journey of Lent

After dinner last night, Rich read our first Lent Scripture reading. The children had been anticipating this all week and were excited to begin. Then afterward we each confessed a sin ... some of us had a harder times than others thinking up something they had done that was wrong.
Rich said that the way we ought to do this is to have the "crown" out and accessible all day long and as we sin throughout the day, we should place the toothpick. Think about what we did wrong, pray and ask for forgiveness, and put a thorn into the crown.
So, already on the first day, the process has changed a bit. I like this better for several reasons. It brings the whole activity to the forefront of our minds all throughout the day. It will potentially lead to a habit of ongoing repentance, and is much less ceremonial.

The one thing I have already seen in only a few short hours of doing this is that the children have a much easier time seeing their sibling's sins than their own. (isn't that just how it is?) I have had to point out a couple of times that this isn't an exercise in you pointing out someone else's sins ... it is for you to recognize your own.

I am hoping that this activity will lead each of us to an ongoing attitude of repentance, thankfulness, and joy that can only come through Christ and His forgiveness.


  1. Hahaha. I had to chuckle when you said that they had an easier time pointing out each other' sins than their own. That is something that even adults have a hard time with. :)

  2. Love how you are trying it out and making changes based on how the lessons can have the greatest impact. Great idea to have it out all the time and who would've thought they would be so quick to point out each others sins. As Tara said, not too unlike us!