Monday, November 14, 2011

My Kitchen Helper

Last week, tacos were on the menu, so I set out to make some whole wheat flour tortillas.
Aaron absolutely loves to help me in the kitchen, so I put him to work pressing out the tortillas.
He worked hard using the tortilla press!

He told me that it was more fun than playing video games!  Now that is something that this Mom likes to hear!

He would do the first pressing, and then I would roll them out even more with a rolling pin ... and then I put them in the skillet to cook for a few seconds.  They were the best tortillas ever!  I love how much he loves to help me.  I never have to be lonely in the kitchen when Aaron's around!


  1. What a big helper! Though there are times that it'd be easier to cook alone, it really is wonderful to have so many helpers :)

  2. OK, so you and I have the same tortilla press (my is black cast iron, but the same brand). Every time I try to press my flour tortillas, they shrink back up to nothing. Upon doing some research, Penn learned this kind of a press is for corn tortillas. Flour ones need to be cooked while they are being pressed because the gluten in the flour does not liked to be pressed and will shrink back.

    So, my question to you is..... how do you keep yours from shrinking back? For now I've given up on using my press and going back to the rolling pin method that my mom and I did over 15 year ago..... very hard on the arms!

  3. Very true - they do shrink back and it's very frustrating. This is partly why I had Aaron helping me. Aaron pressed them out with the press and I took them from him and went to town on them with the rolling pin - I was able to get them much thinner this way and they were very good! They were softer and way better all around.

  4. I was hoping you had a secret for me!! At least I know it's not just me. Without a doubt, homemade tortillas are the best!!