Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fire Department Field Trip

Last week we went on a field trip to the Stony Hill Fire Department.   I am so glad that we did this.  The hardworking men of this fire department were warm, welcoming, and did a fantastic job talking to the children!  We toured the facility and one of the men put all of his fire gear on to acquaint the children with the equipment and what they would look like if they ever needed to enter the home and rescue one of them.  

You might imagine that this field trip was especially exciting for Jonathan!  He was absolutely enthralled with every bit of it.  

I had never considered how scary a fireman could look with all their gear on to a child.   It's important for children to see them this way, so that if he/she needs to be saved she won't run away from him!  

The children were carefully watching him suit up ... he even put on his oxygen mask and tank.

Rosalie was watching intently.  Once all of his gear was on, he wanted each of the children to  shake his hand.  Rosalie was completely afraid of him and wouldn't go near him.  (even after seeing him put it all on right in front of her)  We've had several talks about it since and keep telling her she doesn't have to be afraid of the fireman ... he helps people!

Rosalie and Samantha on the back of the firetruck.
After he put all of his gear on, they let the children get into the firetruck and climb on the back of it.
Nathan and Jonathan
Rosalie loved getting in the firetruck ... so much that she threw a fit when it was time to get out.    
Aaron's turn in the firetruck!
Jonathan was in heaven!!  He LOVES trucks ... especially firetrucks!

They gave each of the children fire hats!
Oh so cute!

Just before leaving we got a group shot next to the rescue boat.   It was a super fun field trip and I'm glad we did it!
Now ... off to develop a fire rescue plan for our home!  :)


  1. Being that I just took my kids last month, I know how much yours enjoyed this field trip! Great smiles coming from all of them in the pictures.

    PS - I really enjoyed reading the updates for each child last week :)

  2. What a fun fieldtrip!! -Lauren

  3. I admit I came to your blog because of the title! I thought maybe you had a kid with Down syndrome (I do!) and there is a poem called "Welcome to Holland" that is well known by any parent of a kid with Down syndrome. Looks like you had a great field trip :)

  4. Thank you so much for organizing this fun trip! My kids enjoyed it so much and we need to develop a fire plan too!

  5. How exciting!! Looks like so much fun!