Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rosalie is a PUGGLE!!

Rosalie is so excited to be an Awana Puggle! Puggles is the Awana club the 2 year old age group. This was the very first thing that Rosalie has ever done apart from me. Yes, I was nervous. We've been talking about it a long time. She already knew that I wouldn't be staying with her. As I started to walk away, she got very nervous and unsure. Mrs. Cindy picked her up and distracted her as I left ... and no tears were shed. She had a great night and has been telling me all about it every day since! She LOVED it. (just as I knew she would)
My sweet girl is super social and loves to be with people ... and will talk anyone's ear off who will listen. I love how much she loved it!


  1. she is such a big girl! :o) -Lauren

  2. What a sweet Puggle :) My two loved Puggles too!!! And Mrs. Cindy is just the sweetest teacher that calms all their fears as they come in!

  3. I can't believe your baby girl is a Puggle! How I loved working with those little ones...soaking everything up like sponges. She looked so cute in her t-shirt tonight. I know you are so happy that she enjoys it - PTL!

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