Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom

We were at the park bright and early on what seemed like a bright and sunshine-y day. We started the day by taking a family picture with the castle in the background.

Since we had already done most everything in tomorrowland ... we moved on to the other parts of the park, starting with the cars. All of the boys LOVED this ride! I rode with Aaron on this one ... and it was bumpy to say the least!

Then we headed to the tea cups. (her hair is wet ... not from rain ... but from sweat!)

The rain started to come down when we headed to the Pooh ride, and it was coming down pretty good as we ran toward the Dumbo ride. Rosalie did not like getting wet at all. We headed toward the merry-go-round and dumbo ride, and tried to keep cover. We all put our ponchos on and made the best of it by riding all the indoor rides. We did the Snow White ride, Peter Pan ride, and the 3D movie with Donald Duck.

It's A Small World ride ... was Rosalie's absolute favorite!!

After going to the Haunted Mansion, we stopped and ate our packed lunch ... and froze while we were inside! We were all wet ... and the AC was making us cold! It let up on the rain a little bit ... so we moved on to Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain. All the boys were big enough to ride ... and they all LOVED it!

Rosalie and I had fun taking some pictures while the others were riding Splash Mountain!

She's such a ham!
After we rode several more rides including the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Jungle Safari ride ... it started pouring ... and kept pouring for a couple hours. We took cover, and while we were taking cover Rosalie fell asleep in the stroller. We finally decided to head toward Tomorrowland ... and on our way stopped to take a family picture while in our rain gear ... it is definitely a memory!! You can see Rosalie's little legs peeking out of the stroller ... she was sound asleep! I sat with Rosalie at a table near tomorrowland while Rich took the boys to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride again.

By 5 PM, the rain had cleared and it was a beautiful evening! It was as clear as it could be ... cool and comfortable. We ended up eating dinner in the park, riding some more rides, watching the parade, and fireworks, and staying until it closed.
It was a fantastic day at the Magic Kingdom! We made some very happy memories!

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  1. Love this post! Brought back such wonderful memories of our time there. And I remember being a kid and having to wear ponchos at Disney World too. Though we didn't have to this time, I think it is a pretty common experience. Love your family pictures too!