Friday, May 13, 2011

To the beach!

Out in the distance you can see the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. One of the days that we were visiting Virginia, we took the boys to a Buckroe Beach in Hampton.

Rosalie had a wonderful time playing in the sand!
Jonathan did too!

One giant sand box for those two to enjoy!

Martin and Aaron enjoyed the freezing cold water. That's right ... they didn't seem to mind the cold water at all!

Tons of fun to be had ... what's a little cold water?

They played until there lips turned blue and their teeth were chattering!

On a side note ... eventually both Rosalie and Jonathan ventured to the water's edge. Jonathan really seemed to enjoy it and have fun with it. Rosalie was hilarious! She would put the tips of her toes in the water ... and when a small wave would splash over her feet ... she'd run away shouting, "water's going to get me!"


  1. Now you are making me long for a trip to the beach:)

    Your pictures came out very well and all the kids look like they are having a blast. I can guess that the kids slept well that night!

  2. My sister just visited the Williamsburg area for spring break and was looking into going to Buckroe beach but decided it was too chilly! It looks glad that fun was had by all! ☺ I can't wait to visit the beach too!