Tuesday, May 10, 2011


waiting for a turn ...

Look at my shoes!!

Look at Aaron go!

rolling the ball ...

pushing the ball down the hill!

We had so much fun going bowling last week when we were in Virginia! The little ones got to push their balls down a hill and the older ones played the "real" way!
We all got a good laugh that Rosalie received the highest score(118) of the 7 children ... and Jonathan came in 2nd(117)! What skill it takes to push a ball down a hill, right? The following video is Rosalie's reaction to watching her ball roll down the lane:


  1. Awsome! So much fun! Love the picture of Rosalie pointing out her shoes :)

  2. What fun!! And I love those little bowling shoes on Rosalie...too cute!

  3. Nathan and Natalie loved watching Rosalie bowl! How cute!!!

  4. Bowling is timeless and so much fun for everyone...especially now that there are bumpers and slides to make sure the ball goes where it's supposed to! Loved the video and Rosalie's excitement!