Friday, May 20, 2011

Rosalie's new bed

It's hard for me to even believe it, but Rosalie is no longer in a crib! We moved her out of the crib last Sunday and into a toddler bed. She is doing really well with it. I suppose she was just ready for the transition because it has been so easy! I started with having her nap in it one afternoon and we haven't gone back. She loves her new bed. She has never once gotten out of it without permission. She loves that she can get in it and out of it without help.
When I took the crib apart on Tuesday, it was bittersweet! That crib has been a fixture in our home for the past 9 years. All 4 of the children used it. Every time I moved one baby out of it, I had another one to put in it. (except for this time)
I am thrilled to move on to this stage with Rosalie. I am thrilled that she is so happy about it. Admittedly, it is an emotional thing for me.
This is a pretty big milestone for Rosalie ... just one of many more to come!


  1. I feel your sadness about the crib :(

    Rosalie sure is happy in her new bed!!!

  2. What a cutie- it is hard to see them growing so fast, isn't it!? But such a joy at the same time!

  3. Huge step for her and for Mommy! Can't believe she is that big already. So cute to see her standing beside her brothers today at church, holding a hymnal!