Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Raising children is hard!

It's hard to believe that he's 9! I've learned a lot about Martin and who he is becoming in this past year. There are times that I look at him and think, "wow, you are becoming a wonderful young man!" Then there are other times when I look at him and think, "who are you...and what have you done with my Martin?" Those of you who have been in this stage with your children must know exactly what I mean. He is a wonderful big brother. He is a huge help to me and always have been.
Then we have days when it seems as though he has completely forgotten what being kind looks like and I start wondering where in the world I went wrong? Do you ever have any days like that? Sometimes, depending on my mood, it gets me downright depressed.
Sometimes I forget that no matter how much I pour into my children, train my children, love my children, and teach them about God's word, they still are human beings. Just as I fail everyday to be perfect, they will fail too.
So, if you ever have one of those days that you feel like you've ruined your child ... and your child will be lucky to survive being raised by you ... just remember this: (I'm preaching to myself as well!) The best place you can go in those moments is on your knees. Find a quiet solitary place for each of your children and require them to stay there while you regroup. Go find your quiet place and get down on your knees. If there is something that you are doing that you need to fix ... ask God to reveal it to you. Cry out to the Only One who can calm you and give you peace. Raising children is the hardest thing I've ever done.
Leave me a message if you need me to pray for you. I'd be honored.
Time Warp Wife


  1. Hopped over here from TWW - would love you to check out my blog as well. We're on the same thread here . . . ;) ~Denise

  2. Yes, I have days like those too... and you are right the BEST place to go- is to God!! Thank-you for this wonderful reminder!