Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's that time of year ...

Every February I start planning out our next school year. I spend hours upon hours pouring over websites that sell books. It takes me several months to do it...and almost all my online time is spent on it. I narrow down the three websites where I can purchase the books and make a spreadsheet that includes the price of each book from each website. I make decisions on what curriculum to use for each child. The main curriculum always stays the same, but sometimes I change things up in the early years with phonics, math, and handwriting. On my older boys, I spend most of time just trying to find the best deals on books, since we have already fully established curriculum for each subject. I absolutely adore the curriculum that we use. It gets better each subsequent year. I am already to the point where I am benefiting financially on using a literature based Charlotte Mason curriculum ... one in which we re-use for each child. The only thing I have to purchase for Aaron and Jonathan this coming year is the reusable math and phonics workbooks. I already have everything else that I need.
For the 2011-2012 school year, I will be teaching 3 grades. It seems unthinkable that I am already to the stage where I will be schooling 3 of my 4 children.
I have gone back and forth the past several months on what I should do with Jonathan this coming year. I finally decided to go ahead and do K with him on the condition that he is able to show me over the next several months immediate obedience. Jonathan is a strong-willed child. I see glimpses of glory when it comes to his strong-will. However, we still battle it out from time to time. He desperately wants to start K. I have told him that in order to start K, he will need to show me that he can obey me immediately ... with a cheerful heart ... and no complaining. Easy, right? He is entirely motivated, however ... and is slowly proving to me that he is ready! As far as Jonathan's curriculum goes for K ... I am piecing it together, but will follow the tradition of Charlotte Mason with lots of read a louds and hands on activities.
Aaron will be doing 2nd grade with this curriculum. I used this with Martin when he did 2nd grade ... and I LOVED it. I am so excited to take Aaron through it. I am adding 2nd grade English(Rod and Staff) to it, though because I did the grammar that is included in this guide already this year while Aaron was doing 1st grade.
Martin will be doing 4th grade with this curriculum. He will be doing the Math 4a and 4b, along with English 4. (Rod and Staff) We are choosing to do the History read a loud option to go along with the History that we will be studying this year. He will also be doing the independent history readers. This is the year that he will doing more and more on his own ... it should be exciting and interesting.
So, if I haven't been keeping up with you lately ... or commenting on your blog as much ... or keeping up with my own blog... I have been working on searching for books, finding good prices, and planning out next year. It's one of my favorite things to do!


  1. Ah ha! We have been doing the same thing! The life of homeschooling moms never slow down, does it?
    Schooling 3 at once sounds hard, but I'm sure you will work out something. I had the same talk with little Penn that you had with Jonathan when I started school with him. He has gotten a lot better, but not perfect by any standard.

    I'm pretty sure I have my curriculum all chosen for them, I'm just waiting a couple of days before placing the order.

  2. You have been a busy momma and your children are surely benefitting from your diligence in choosing and using just the right curriculum each year. So glad it is one of your favorite things to do!

  3. Wow, I can see why you have to start in February! That's a ton of research and decisions that need to be made!!!