Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creature hunting season!!

It all started this past weekend when our friends, the Huffman family came and spent Saturday evening with us. The Huffman's son, Noah, loves catching creatures. He wasn't at our house for 5 minutes and he had already caught a toad and a lizard. My boys were absolutely amazed and super excited. Martin, especially, wanted to touch them and hold them.

Aaron wasn't as interested in holding them as Martin was ... but we all laughed at how he kept saying, "look at what WE caught!" Hmm ... really, Aaron? "we?"

I think it was only a couple days later when Martin came running to the door with a toad in his hands! He was very proud of his first catch!

A couple days after that he caught a lizard!

We had our dear friends, the McDaniel's, visiting with us at the time ... and all of the children were excited about Martin's find.

After some time spent enjoying his "catch", he let the lizard go on the side of the porch.


  1. ew ew ew what is it about boys and creepy crawly things??? Girls would not do that! lol

  2. Little Penn is in love with this post! He wants that lizzard in the worst way! They have not had the experience of catching lizzards up here in Vermont. Only worms, frogs, and toads.
    And just a little secret.... it was his sister who taught him how to catch all those critters!

  3. How fun! I remember doing this when I was a little girl. Actually, I remember watching my brother do this.. I just watched :)