Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holy is what You are ... Holiness is my desire ...

I had several errands to run this morning, so off we went to a couple of stores to do some necessary shopping. I am a very routinized person ... so changing up the school routine always makes me a little crazy. I keep trying to tell myself that one of the perks of homeschooling is that we can make our own schedule ... and don't have to be slaves to an already existing schedule. So, today has officially become a no-school day for us. That is not, however, the reason that I am writing this post.
On the way back home from those errands, I turned on one of my favorite CD's. It has become the favorite of my children as well. I turned it to track 8 and turned it up nice and loud. You may not be surprised to find out that I like to sing in the car. So, I am always singing along! I started singing along right away just as I usually do ... and as the chorus approaches I am still just minding my own business singing along ... when what seemed like out of nowhere 4 voices erupted into song all at once as the chorus began! Yes ... I did say 4 voices. Even my little Rosalie was singing along as loud as she could ... and getting most of the words right.

"Holy is what you are. Holiness is my desire."

"I lift my eyes up to the sky, I lift my eyes up to the heaven, I lift my eyes up to the sky where the Holy One dwells."

Holiness is most definitely my desire. I hope and pray that it will become the desire of their hearts too.

The CD is by Three Strand.

I could hardly stop smiling. It was so fun to be singing along with my children! I was wishing I that I could have been filming them instead of driving. What a fun thing it would be to have on video!

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  1. Oh I wish you had it on video too! Maybe next time you get in the car (before you go anywhere) reenact this!!!! How fun!