Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Small Things

Have you ever thought about the small things? You know ... all of the pesky details of life ... the ones that aren't particularly fun, but still have to be done. Have you ever counted them? I haven't actually put a number on all of our small details ... but I have decided that they count!
I've said a lot of things about my husband in the past ... his incredible integrity, his unending loyalty, his amazing work ethic, it just occurred to me, though, that I've never talked about the small details.
My husband takes care of me in ways that are hard to describe. The ways that he takes care of me may not even appeal to other women. However, those ways are perfect for me. He takes care of our family in ways that require great forethought. He is always thinking ahead, planning, and figuring things out. (all of that may sound vague - but it applies to all aspects of our life - especially the details)
We've been married for 13 1/2 years and I've never spent a single second worrying about finances (including the 9 months that we had absolutely no income and lived on our savings account). He takes care of all of those financial details in such a way that it's downright admirable.
He does thousands of small things on a daily basis that make my life easier. I spend a lot of time thinking of ways that I can serve him as sacrificially as he serves me. I think that at the end of a day ... we can both say that we work hard at serving one another.
Sometimes those small details are easily overlooked. The reason that "small details" may seem vague is because they are so small that they probably would bore my readers to death. However, thousands of small details equals a great deal of stress free time for me. I don't ever want to overlook the small things!
It's worth taking a few moments to think about all the small things your spouse does for you. You might be surprised when you start to count them.
I've spent a lot of time missing, forgetting, and overlooking the small details. The lesson that I've learned is that it's worth it not to miss, forget, or overlook those details. I am certain that if you really start to count them ... your admiration for your spouse will grow exponentially.

My question for you today ... are you counting the small details?
If you have a moment to comment - I'd love to hear about some of your small things!


  1. I know exactly what you mean I love all the small things Tommy does to either help me or just show his love for me! I love when he knows he has to get up early anyway, he will let me sleep in and he will take Chase to school! or like how this month everyday leading up to Valentine's day he always leaves little chocolates with a note laying around for Chase and I to find in the mornings! I could go on and on! You are so right, we can't take those small things for granted! Great Post!

  2. Your post is very insightful. During this last year I have been unable to do some of the ordinary small things....and Linda now does them/helps me with them every day. Simple things like putting on foot lotion, socks and shoes or helping me with long pants. Things I did for 58 years without ever thinking about them, but I can't do now. I am so appreciative of her sacrificial service! It is these small things in life that she makes my living so much better. So often we forget the little things like "thank you", or "I love you", or a unsolicited hug. They are so important. Thanks again for reminding us not to forget all the small things.

  3. I would have to agree Larissa, we often overlook the small things but they are so very important. I suppose with the events of this past year Ernie and I have had more time to concentrate on the small things and not take them for granted. I appreciate so much how he takes the time to express his gratitude to me for anything I do for him. I love how he makes ready my side of the bed with the covers turned down, since he usually lies down before me. I love that he knew how much I wanted to spend time with Leah before she became a Mommy and made a way for that to happen. I could go on and on. You are right, it's worth it not to miss the small things when we express our gratitude for the big things.

  4. I love this post. I, too, am blessed to have a husband that takes care of so many of the "small things" (and big things as well). I appreciate the reminder that I should make him more aware that I appreciate what he does for our family.

  5. I too loved this post, Larissa! I agree that the small things really do make a difference. Jamie is so good about doing small things around the house, like fixing me a glass of water while I'm nursing, or changing a diaper, or wrestling with the kids, or taking the trash out, or loading the dishwasher, or starting laundry... I'm so thankful for hubbys that do the small things!