Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Boulder

We have an enormous boulder just on the edge of the woods behind our house. This boulder has provided hours and hours of fun for our boys. That boulder has been a space ship, a pirate ship, a kingdom(they pretend that the log that they can walk on like a bridge that connects to the boulder), a house, and a space station.
I LOVE that my children have so much fun playing on it ... and that their imaginations go wild when they play there.
Pictured above is our boys playing with Emily and Caleb Ingraldi. When the Ingraldi family came to visit us, the children spent the entire day out on the boulder!


  1. What fun!! I love how they use their imaginations to play on it! It is so great when kids use their surroundings outside to be creative! I have great memories of swinging from grape vines as a kid and pretending some wild things! SO FUN!

  2. Wow! You just brought back so many childhood memories for me. One of the houses we lived in had many large boulders like that and we played for hours on and around them.

    That's great your kids have such fun entertainment!

  3. Oh we had a boulder in our yard growing up and I remember all the things that it was! We love the outdoors around our house too! But we don't have any cool boulders like that....just red stony ground:)