Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brotherly love

Martin and Aaron have always had a sweet relationship. They've always played well together. They've always loved each other. The other day, while playing with friends, they learned a hard lesson. Sometimes "friends" can be conditional. "If you don't do this then I won't be your friend." This was one of the things they heard that day. They also experienced a "friend" changing her mind off and on all day about whether or not she was their friend. Certainly this led to hurt feelings, but more importantly it led to a good lesson. So, I spent a good deal of time talking to them about being a friend. I told them that it doesn't matter what anyone says to you, your job is to always be kind back. We talked about how hard it is to do that, but how important it is to always show kindness. I am hoping that this is a lesson that will go straight to their heart. About an hour after this talk, I found them in the kitchen writing each other cards. I am so thankful that my boys are best friends and love each other the way they do.