Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rosalie!!

I don't know why it's so hard for me to believe that Rosalie is 2. It just is. The picture above is the first picture taken with all 4 of our children. When I searched out Rosalie's newborn pictures, I was amazed at how little my boys looked in this picture!

I remember how much those boys loved their baby sister as soon as they saw her!

Okay ... maybe not all of them loved her right away.

What a joy it was for me to enter the world of pink, purple, ribbons, and bows!

1 year later ... 1st Birthday.

The boys have never stopped adoring their sister! (although Jonathan still has his moments!)

2 years old ... sweet and ...



  1. Happy birthday cute girl! Your boys do look a lot younger in that picture. I don't think I will ever not be amazed at how fast children grow up!

  2. She's adorable! Happy Birthday, Rosalie! :)

  3. Happy 2nd birthday Rosalie!!!

    She was SO cute when she would roll the ball back and forth to me, and when she would catch me looking at her and just grin! She's such a happy little girl!


  4. Happy Birthday Rosalie. Three fortunate brothers to have a pretty little sister and how special for Rosalie to have three big brothers!

  5. Happy birthday sweet girl! I remember the night your Mommy had you like it was yesterday. The whole AWANA Club rejoiced that you were here!!!

  6. So precious! Happy Birthday Rosalie!