Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow in December

We don't get a lot of snow here in NC - especially in early December! My children saw those big flakes falling from the sky and hurried around to find gloves and hats, so they could play outside!

Jonathan and Aaron had a blast running around outside with their friends and catching snowflakes on their tongues!

Neither of them lasted for too long, however, before they were running inside for some hot chocolate to drink. Since we don't get much (really) cold weather around here, we don't really have the kind of cold weather clothing needed for extended play outside.

This is the view from my back porch.


  1. Love these snowfalls and wish we had so many more!!

  2. How fun that you got snow......and before us Vermonters did!!

    Oh, and I don't know why it is saying anonymous.....Penn wiped the computer yesterday and I'm still working on getting my side all set up again.

  3. It was a beautiful snow!!! I love the pictures from your back deck!