Thursday, December 2, 2010

For some reason ...

... I am having a hard time getting into the swing of things. Since we moved into this house, I've been trying to get into a good routine. After all, I am just that kind of a person. What kind of person? A person who loves routine. I like schedules. I like organization. Since we moved here, however, I have been distracted by so many things. I feel as though I am being pulled in a thousand different directions. So, I haven't been taking many pictures. I can't seem to keep up with this blog. I can't seem to get into a decent school routine with Martin and Aaron. We are getting the work done each day - but we always seem to skip a thing or two with the idea that we will get back to it later. (not the main subjects - the extras)
Last night at Awana - I realized just how scattered my mind is - when I had to hunt down my oldest son just to find out (right, I did say find out) if he had even worn his uniform. I knew that I had never reminded him to put the shirt on like I normally do. Thankfully, when I found him, he was wearing his shirt! Wow. Little things are getting away from me. I keep thinking that I'll have a better handle on things as Rosalie gets older ... when I am getting sleep again(have I mentioned that Rosalie has gone back to night waking again? 1,2,3 times a night) ... or when we've had the chance to adapt to our new surroundings. But as I type those words, I am imagining that all of you who have been in my shoes are probably laughing out loud. There is always going to be something isn't there? In a couple years, I will be homeschooling 3 of them, instead of two. There will be other outside factors as the children get older. I know, I know. I suppose that my weaknesses are being exposed. I don't handle distraction well. I am not good at doing more than one thing at a time. I rely too heavily on routine. AND I might just make my entire family crazy before it's all over. I need to glean wisdom from my more relaxed friends and mentors.
Oh - and I still haven't found my card reader. I did find my camera cord and uploaded the pictures. Just a funny note: I still don't have any pictures to share, though, because I never really took any pictures. I just consider that to be more evidence of my scattered mind.
Hopefully, there are some of you out there that can relate to my shortcomings and will smile today as you read this entry.
In an attempt to be completely transparent and to also prove to you that my mind is scattered ... I am going to completely switch gears on you and share a picture of my living room. I actually have some pictures on the wall and the curtains are hung! I still have to hang a picture over the piano (that we've had for quite some time ... but recently painted the frame to match the rest of our decor), and find something for the wall next to the fireplace. We are also waiting on our end tables and chair to arrive. So, look for another update of the living room to come in the next couple of weeks.


  1. Girl, I can not tell you enough what a relief this post was for me this morning! I feel like I am in a downward spiral and I cannot for the life of me get back into the routine of the Weber life. Oh the piles of clothes, the digusting dirty house (that I would never deem acceptable at any other time in my life), and the to-do list piling higher and higher!! ROUTINE is how I live as well and mine is lacking!! Thanks for the great comfort in knowing I am not alone this morning! Praying for a day of structure and productivity for you my friend! ☺

  2. Pam - that is exactly why I shared - I find great comfort too in knowing that I am not the only VERY imperfect person in the world trying to make it from day to day! LOL And just a minor side note to you, my friend ... you have a far better excuse than I to be scattered and unstructured! :)
    I will also pray for you that you have a productive and structured day!

  3. Larissa, I think you are going to find soooo many kindred spirits with this post! Life is busy, sleep is lacking and we just get "scatter brained" some times. Don't worry, in time you will be back into a routine, your house will be decorated, your children will all sleep through the night and you can look back and smile!

  4. Hi Mrs. Holland,

    You know what's funny?
    I didn't take a single picture when y'all came over, either! If I had, you would have been welcome to use them!

    Oh well. We'll have to remember next time. ;-)


  5. Oh yes, girl! Amen to this post! There are just seasons of life that seem to be more scattered than normal! Until then, we'll just cling to each other and our very imperfect selves:) And my nightly prayer is for God to fill in the many places where I am lacking!

  6. You are not alone - I find that if I don't write lists these days, then I forget whatever it was I needed to get/do. I never needed lists before.
    You are getting used to a bigger house (more to clean) and also working on decorating it, in addition to everything else. Rosalie waking at night is not helping either. I hope she stops soon. Has the time change helped her sleep longer in the morning?

    I will admit that I have had a few meltdowns since Wilhelm was born. I know it will get easier, but in the mean time I'm praying for God to carry me through every day....just one day at a time...

  7. I'm not sure how I found my way to your blog, but I'm glad I did(God steering maybe?). I can totally relate to what you wrote! We recently moved and I cannot get into our old so many areas. You are not alone :)

  8. I am not sure how you found my blog - but I am glad that you did! Thanks for posting. I figured there would be lots of people out there that could relate!