Saturday, December 25, 2010

3 gifts for each

On the final day of our advent readings, which we do each year on the 24th of December, we read the scripture passage that deals with Jesus becoming the sacrifice for our sins. This year we chose to read from John 3. Then the children do their craft that corresponds with the reading. (they made crosses, colored them, and cut them out) Then we place the crosses in the middle of the advent banner.

While they are working on their crosses, I quietly tiptoed out of the kitchen to get the gifts that we had for them. I placed the gifts in various places in the living room. We got each of the children 3 gifts. (a little bit of symbolism, I suppose) Then, Rich and I just waited until someone noticed that there were gifts sitting around. This year, they finished their crosses, we pinned them on the banner ... then all 3 of the boys went running up the stairs to go play. Not a single one of them looked down into the living room. So, Rich and I piddled around on the computer, and watched a little television, while we waited for them to come and see.

It was actually Rosalie that noticed first ... her jaw dropped and she squealed with delight. I told her to go and tell the boys. So, she ran up the stairs yelling, "boys, presents" at least a dozen times. However, once she actually found the boys, she forgot all about the presents and joined in on whatever they were playing. The next person to come down ...

was Aaron. He quickly saw the gifts that were scattered across the living room. His jaw also dropped and he ran upstairs to get the others to come down. He, however, did not get distracted, nor did he waste anytime getting back downstairs again.

Each child opened up 1 gift at a time in order from youngest to oldest.

... and then hours of play began.

Martin was very excited to get his first "gun". He got an air rifle(bb gun), and very quickly got dressed to go outside and practice!
Aaron's most favorite gift was an ipod. When Rich got his iphone - he no longer needed his ipod. So, the ipod has just been sitting around the house for almost a year now - not being used. Aaron loves music ... and I knew that it would be the perfect thing for him. (and even better that we didn't have to buy one!) He loves it! Jonathan was very excited to be brought into the world of legos. He got a set of legos!! Rosalie got a little princess doll, a magnadoodle, and play cd player, that she can wear like a purse.


  1. Sounds like you picked out perfect gifts for your children!!!

  2. Love the symbolism with the three gifts and each of the children surely loved what you picked out!