Monday, December 6, 2010

Martin's first hunting trip

Rich no longer has to sit in the tree stand alone. He has started taking Martin along on his hunting trips. Martin is not trained yet in how to handle a rifle, so for now, he just goes along and watches. So far he's gone twice ... and they haven't shot anything. However, he loves going and spending time with Rich out in the woods.

Just a side note: Several years ago(when Martin was about 3), I made Rich a hunting jacket and pants. I had enough extra fabric to make Martin a pair of pants just like it. I was actually planning for Martin to wear them right after I made them ... (but I made them way too big) He just recently grew into them. (and just in time for him to wear them to go hunting!)


  1. So cool that he gets to make that memory with his daddy. I am sure it is a very special time for both!! ♥

  2. how cool!!! Love the pants and jacket!

  3. What special father/son time!