Tuesday, June 29, 2010

VBS - Vacation Bible School

Last week, Martin, Aaron, and Jonathan went to VBS at our church. They had an incredible time - loved every minute of it! They look forward to it all year long and are always sad when it's over.
This was Jonathan's first year at VBS and he loved it just as much as the others!

I am so thankful to everyone at our church who worked so hard to make it all happen for the children!

Rich and I had to make multiple trips each night. Rich would take the three boys each night and stay there from the starting time at 7PM until 8PM when Jonathan was done. I stayed home with Rosalie and got her to bed each night at her normal time. Rich would bring Jonathan home, and I would put Jonathan to bed and then I'd leave to go pick up Martin and Aaron, who were done at 9 PM. It was late nights for the boys all week. The good part about all of that for me was that I made everyone take a rest/nap time everyday last week. So, for 1-2 hours every afternoon there was complete silence in my home. Heaven! This might need to become an everyday thing!


  1. So glad they had a great time at VBS too! My kids were so sad when it was over as well!

    (And I can't get over how much Jonathan is looking like Aaron these days!)

  2. It was a great week! My two loved it as well and the curriculum was awesome! Though I had no idea you guys were making that many trips, I'm so glad you had a rest time in your home daily... Sounds like it should become part of the daily routine:)