Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aaron loses his first tooth!!!

Aaron has had a loose tooth for months - his very first loose tooth!
He has asked me several times if I would try pulling it. He exhibited no fear whatsoever. Each time I tried, it didn't seem quite ready, so we'd wait a little longer. As we were sitting in the VBS closing program, Aaron starts loudly whispering to me while holding his tooth out for me to see. Oh, how exciting it was to lose that first tooth. There was all of the anticipation of the Tooth Treasure Hunt and the dollar that he would receive.
On a side note, I was amazed at how easily my 5 year old read each of the clues. He only needed help with a couple of the words.


  1. YAY for losing the first tooth and yay for great reading!!

  2. I lost a tooth during a church service too!!

  3. Wow - the first tooth. I bet mama remembers when that very tooth came in and now it's gone!