Friday, June 25, 2010

Slow week on the blog . . . means busy week at home

I've not really had time to get anything up on the blog this week. I have alot going on!!

1 - Going through all of the school stuff from our school year, filing what is to be saved, tossing what is to be tossed, saving what will be used again for the next child, making room for all of our new stuff that is about to be ordered.
2 - All the normal baking, cooking, and cleaning.
3 - VBS - Vacation Bibile School - and requiring all of the children (even the older ones) to lay down each afternoon for naps, since they are out so late each night.
4 - And in all my spare time ... house hunting!!! We are on the hunt for a house to purchase. We have been visiting properties and looking for a place where our family will "fit". It's a very exciting process - but very time consuming.


  1. Amen to a busy week! My two have been exhausted this week from being out so late every night, and I have too!

    Can't wait to hear what properties you're looking at. So glad that you guys are going to be staying in this area!

    PS. Your Jonathan did great in VBS! I was so glad to have him in our group, and he was one of our most behaved, calm ones too!

  2. I'm so glad you guys are going to be living here!!

  3. Did you look at the place you were telling me about? Did you decide on a long term vs. short term home?
    can't wait to hear what you choose!

  4. We are having slow a slow week on our blog. We finished our homeschool year on June 18th and have been enjoying our summer break. I am using the time to prepare for our new school year which starts in August.