Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy Hair Night at AWANA

Rosalie wore her hair crazy. I put her hair up in pony tails and braids. 
Jonathan wore a tank hat. We made a tank out of a box, an old can, construction paper, and a straw. We had a lot of fun making it ... and he had even more fun wearing it. He put his stuffed frog in the can to ride in the tank!

Martin used cardboard and construction paper to make his hat. I think he called himself the snake ninja man. He put a couple of stuffed snakes in his hat. He did really well making his hat without help!

Aaron made a crazy baseball hat. He covered the box that he used for his hat with red construction paper ... and then started decorating it ... I suggested that he make it a theme hat and paste baseballs to the hat. It turned out great! We had a fun night wearing crazy hair and hats!

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