Monday, September 24, 2012


Martin is taking band - learning the trumpet  - 2 days each week. (an hour each time)

I'm teaching Kindergarten, 3rd grade and 5th grade. (The picture above is a history project that Martin was working on last week) I get up at 6 AM every morning and start school with Martin and then we break for breakfast and I school the other 2 boys while Martin is working on his independent work.  School makes every day busy! I've been having a tough time figuring out how to get all the routine house work done with all the time I spend schooling ... and now the other time we spend going to band and baseball. Blogging just hasn't been happening lately! 
Eye appointments for the 2 middle boys. It's that time of year to check the eyes and pick out new glasses. My boys LOVE going to see Dr. Bailey!  They also love that they get to pick out new glasses!

Lots of baseball going on ... practices and games. Aaron LOVES baseball! He's having such a great time learning the game. I am so glad we signed him up! He got a home run on his 2nd game. Oh, yes... that boy was very happy!
I almost forgot to mention AWANA! We have AWANA every Wednesday. Rich was concerned (rightly so) that I would be so overwhelmed by the schedule that I would be a basket case ... and there fore not so much fun to live with this fall. I have accepted the challenge to not get overwhelmed ... and enjoy this busy-ness and do my best to stay on top of everything. So far so good. Rich is also very busy this fall.
Even though we are busy, we are still gathering together each night to eat a family meal together, and having great conversations. The questions I have been getting from Martin and Aaron are pretty amazing. We are having deep spiritual conversations and they are asking questions that I would have never known to ask at their age. I hope and pray that this line of open communication that I have with my children will remain as they get older. It's pretty fantastic!

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