Thursday, August 16, 2012

Martin is learning to play the Trumpet

I recently signed Martin up for a year of band. When we were in Virginia, I took Martin to a local band director so that I could see him on each instrument and especially check to see if he had any natural abilities on a specific instrument. (and to get the professional opinion of the band director) The band director was my student way back in the day when I was a high school choral director. (Before the days of babies, diapers, lack of sleep, exhaustion, joy like I've never known it, and gray hair)
When I was teaching high school chorus, I got the bright idea to try and recruit some boys from the band to join the choir. How much better could it get than to find some instrumentalists who could also sing? I found quite a few ... put them in my advanced a capella chamber choir ... and it was one of the best things I ever did!
Steven is one of the ones that I recruited. He went on to get a college degree in Music Education. He is now a band director in Virginia. He sat down with Martin and put several instruments to his lips and we figured out that trumpet would probably be the best choice. (trumpet was Martin's first choice ... so it worked out really well!)

I started playing flute in the band when I was 10 years old, and I'm so glad Martin will have the chance as well!

I have signed him up with the Capital Christian Homeschool Band that meets not too far down the road. He will go twice a week and also be required to practice using the digital practice software, Smart Music. (wow, things are so much different today!)
I am so excited that Martin has this opportunity. Aaron is disappointed that he has to wait another couple years to join!


  1. I can't wait to hear him play! I'm excited for him too!!!!

    PS. Had such a great time fellowshipping today! The kids did too! We need to do it again soon!

  2. Good for Martin! He already looks like a pro and I love that you could try different instruments to see what fit him best. Glad he got his first choice.