Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Day at Virginia Beach

While we were in VA last week, we decided to pack a lunch and spend the day at Virginia Beach.  Since my Dad is retired military, we were able to go to Dam Neck Beach on the Dam Neck Naval Base. It's south of the actual Virginia Beachfront. It's also much less crowded and super nice! We had such a wonderful day!

Rosalie didn't want to have much to do with the water, but she did enjoy playing in the sand!

I was able to get Jonathan in the water a little bit, but he spent most of his time playing in the sand.

Martin and Aaron spent the entire time in the water ... jumping the waves. It was so much fun for them! 
I found this dead crab along the shore line ... and spent quite some time just trying to catch it, but I finally did ... and we were able to turn every which way and study it! (It was dead and smelly!)

After a day at the beach ... it wasn't long before I looked in my mirror and saw 3 sleeping children! Martin didn't fall asleep ... but the others did!


  1. Totally can't wait to be at the beach in just a few weeks!!!
    Did your bigger boys body board at all?

    I will be emailing you for your street address. We are working on getting everything in the gps.

  2. My older two would have loved to use body boards ... but we didn't have any. If we take a beach vacation we will definitely get body boards for them to use. I'm looking forward to your visit!

  3. We don't have any either, but will be borrowing some from Penn's parents. It's all the kids can talk about these days!