Monday, March 19, 2012

Tadpole Frenzy - Guest Post by: Martin Holland

While we were playing outside, we found tadpole eggs! (Do you see the string of eggs?)
We also found lots and lots of tadpoles that had already hatched.
So, we caught 8 tadpoles and made a home for them on our island in the kitchen.

Here is a closeup picture of one of them swimming at the edge of the bowl.

We learned from the internet that we should feed them tiny bits of boiled lettuce. So, Mommy boiled the lettuce and Daddy chopped it. (we keep it in the freezer)

Later that day, we bought a bigger plastic container for them. Now they have plenty of room to swim around.

Daddy found a rock to put in the middle of the container ... and some of the tadpoles hang out around it and swim under it.
Everyday (several times a day!) we check to see if the tadpoles have grown legs. We are so excited about this very awesome science project! (it's so much fun!)


  1. What a great post! I can't wait to read an update when they grow legs!

  2. Love this project!!! We had tadpoles in my 2nd grade classroom, and loved watching their transformation to froglets and then frogs!!!! Yay for Science!

  3. Very cool! I wish I had tadpoles to watch.

  4. Great post by Martin! You have alot of hungry mouths to feed and I never knew you could boil lettuce.

  5. Are your tadpoles growing, Martin? I know this is a lot of fun for you to watch!

    Eliana is waiting for her ladybug larve to arrive so she can watch it grow and change into ladybus.