Monday, March 12, 2012

It's been a tough few weeks ...

I have had no time for blogging or reading blogs ... because I have been holding and tending to sick kiddos... and washing lots and lots of sheets and towels! Busy, busy, busy! Rosalie has had an off and on cold for the last several weeks, which eventually led to conjuctivitis. It took a good 5 days to run it's course, and when she finally seemed to be done with it ... Jonathan came down with it. Along with the pinkeye, Jonathan also had horrible upper respiratory cold and cough. His cough was so bad a few nights ago that he wasn't able to sleep at all and kept throwing up from all the coughing and mucus. Not fun. His eyes are all better now and he seems mostly over the upper respiratory stuff.
Martin came down with pinkeye on Thursday, but his has not been nearly as bad as Rosalie and Jonathan ... and started to clear up much sooner.
I have been giving them immune boosting supplements and their immune systems have been taking care of it. It's not easy to be in the thick of it, though. I am thankful that the eyes seem to be on the mend ... and am hoping that we can just be done with all the colds and coughs!

Update: Martin's eyes got much worse after they seemed to get better. Rosalie started with a fever last night and seems to have all the upper respiratory stuff that Jonathan had last week. I think that I am now fighting the conjunctivitis ... lots of strange things happening with my eye. Thanks for your prayers ... while this has been a tough month, I am so thankful that it hasn't been any worse and that our immune systems are doing their jobs to fight it all off!  I have been feeling a touch of cabin fever, though!


  1. How awful! I hope and pray everyone is well on the road to recovery and everything can get back to normal.

  2. Oh no, Larissa!!!! I am praying.

    And, I know that you don't want to bring the kids to the pediatrician, but I bet Jay could give you some eye drops. He has lots of samples and you wouldn't have to expose your kids to the germs in dr. offices. Maybe it would help knock it out once and for all... Just a thought :)