Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Fun Night - Outdoors

Last weekend, I took Martin and Rosalie out grocery shopping with me.  While walking around the Harris Teeter, I picked up a package of Bistro Naturals Uncured All Beef hot dogs and got the bright idea that we should roast hot dogs in our fire pit.

This was a first for our children and they kept thanking us over and over again. It was a huge hit and we had so much fun. The weather was perfect - warm, but cool enough to enjoy. They had so much fun roasting the hot dogs that they were not able to eat all that they roasted! In fact, Martin and Aaron ate so much they weren't able to eat the dessert that I made to go with our meal. (chocolate muffins ... which were super yummy ... I'll have to share that recipe later!)
Aaron kept saying ... "I cooked my own supper!"
We will definitely be doing this again soon!


  1. Yes, lots of fun for the kids and less work for Mommy in the kitchen! :)

    My kids love hotdogs - I'm so thankful they make them all beef, uncured and without nitrates and nitrites.