Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A quiet start ... our school year.
Martin started the 4th grade.
Aaron started the 2nd grade.
Jonathan started Kindergarten.
While we are in Virginia, our school motto is: Be flexible
We don't always start Day 1 on a Monday. We don't always get a unit done in one week.
I have no goals set on how much to get done by what time. We get done what we can get done.
At some point after we get back home, I will take pictures of each of the children with all of their books as I try to do each year.
I am so thankful that our homeschooling lifestyle has permitted us to be helping my Mom when she needs it the most. I most typically run a pretty rigid schedule, which is somewhat contrary to the flexibility the homeschooling life affords. I am thinking that this schedule(or lack of a schedule, rather) is actually growing me. (not growing on me, mind you ... I'm way too structured for that!)
A few discoveries that I've made so far ... I like 4th grade more than I liked 3rd grade. I like 2nd grade more than I like 1st grade, and what is not to love about Kindergarten? This is going to be an excellent year!


  1. Yes it is going to be an excellent year because you have great boys and are a great teacher! Love that you are embracing the flexible schedule and that you are tolerating doing Day 1 on a day other than Monday :) I know we had just talked about that in Seasons :) God has a way of growing us all, doesn't He? Love ya and miss ya!

  2. How wonderful that you are able to help your Mom and be flexible with homeschooling. There are lessons in life that are often more valuable than the ones in books. Miss you!