Sunday, August 21, 2011

The past week and a half...

Upon our return from Walt Disney World, I spent about 3 days waiting for the green light to travel to Virginia. Tuesday morning, we packed up the van and the 4 children and made our way to my Mom and Dad's house.
Tuesday: We traveled to Virginia, unpacked and got settled. I took the children to my sister's house, then I went to the hospital. By this time, they had gotten Mom's pain under control, and she was doing pretty well. It was good to see, because up until this point I had only heard of the horrible pain that she had endured. I did not see it first hand. My sister and Dad are the ones who have been by Mom's side through each stage ... and have watched the unspeakable pain that my Mom has been through. I spent a few hours with her, and then came home to put the children in bed.
Wednesday: The children and I got up and had a pretty normal morning. We even had a normal school day. (I brought all of our school stuff and plan to work on it as we have time) Later in the day, I surprised my Mom with a visit from my 4 children. She didn't know that I was bringing them, and she was very happy to see them. I like to think it lifted her spirits a little bit. After the visit, I took the children to my sister's house for dinner. My sister had pretty much run herself ragged all day and was exhausted, but still wanted to go up to the hospital to see Mom. (the hospital is about 40 minutes away - which has been a challenge as well) So, I stayed with all of the children until Wes could get home from church.
The children were up until after 10PM on Tuesday, and up until after 9PM on Wednesday.
Thursday: Surgery Day. I took my children to our dear friends, who live in this area. My sister and I drove to the hospital and waited for the surgery to be done. They began the surgery at about noon, and didn't finish until about 5PM. It was still 4 hours after the surgery before we got to see my Mom. It was a long day. They were having a difficult time getting her pain under control. It was devastating to watch my Mom in that much pain. My sister had been with her every step of the way, but this was the first time I had witnessed it.
I finally got back to the children at about 11PM, and got them home and in bed at about midnight.
Friday: My mom's pain was finally under control. She was able to get out of bed and sit in a chair. I was able to get up to the hospital at about 7PM. The children were at my sister's house. I was encouraged by how well my Mom seemed to be doing.
Saturday: I took the children for a short visit that turned into a long one. We ended up staying for about 4 1/2 hours. She was sitting up in a chair when we got there. She also did not have to use her pain pump at all the entire day. We also found out that they were considering releasing her from the hospital on Sunday!
Today: We got a call from my Mom early to let us know that they were definitely going to release her today. My Dad and I went to the store to buy some items that she would need to wear home, and he went off to the hospital. The children and I are at Mom and Dad's today preparing for her to come home.
There is so much more to say ... those are the bare bones, though about the past week. My Mom has a very long and slow recovery process. She is going to need a great deal of help with even the smallest of tasks. That is why we are here.
My children have been absolute troopers through it all. Most of you know that I am very routinized in how I run our days, and there has been nothing routine about the last 2 weeks. They have risen to the task, though, and are doing well. They are getting a little worn down from the late bedtimes, though, and I am working toward getting them back to a normal routine.
With my Mom at home, it will be easier in some ways to manage that.
I still don't know how long we will be here. One of my Mom's brothers, and her sister are planning a trip here at some point to help her out, and when they come, I plan on going home.
Pray: 1. That my Mom's pain will continue to stay under control as she transitions home.
2. That my children will adjust to the needs of my Mom and that I will be able to manage them and all the help that my Mom will require.
3. That my sister will be able to manage all that's on her plate, while also being the main source of help to my Mom over the next year.
4. My Dad - who has to return to work tomorrow.
5. My children - who are missing their Daddy right now. (Jonathan is having the hardest time of all of them)

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts up until this point. Our motto in life right now is: Be Flexible!! We are adjusting to our new normal.


  1. Glad that she came home today, Larissa! Praying for a quick recovery, that is as pain-free as possible. And so glad that you all are doing as well as possible. We miss you and look forward to seeing you whenever you can come back!

  2. I'm sure your mom is very thankful for your help and to be able to see her grandchildren while she is recovering. Praying!