Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 4 - Family Visit

Day 4 started with an easy breakfast of homemade granola and milk, a late lunch of some grilled hot dogs, and leftovers from all of the food we'd made all week long, and we had homemade pizza, and grilled deer shish kebob with onions and peppers. For dessert we had homemade spelt chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. Ummm ... yes ... we did a lot of eating this week ... and I am still recovering from all of that food!
Lisa was able to meet her college roommate for lunch. (near Greensboro) So, I took the 6 children to have their pictures taken. We got a group shot of them, and then we split them up for brother/sister shots. All of the pictures were so good, it was hard to choose.
Rich asked everyone that night what was more fun ... going out on the boat, or getting their picture taken. All of the boys said the boat ... Nikki said she liked having her picture taken the best!!
We had so much fun this week and hope that they will come back to visit soon. Visits with family really are the best!


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Family visits are so much fun! Glad all had a great time. I enjoyed seeing the pictures you took.

    Isn't it something how much food we prepare when we have company? I've learned over the years to scale back on the amount I make, and also to do ahead and freeze what I can since cooking from scratch takes a lot of time. Even with that I make too much :)