Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today is our last day of school!!

Martin has completed the 3rd grade!!

Aaron has completed the 1st grade!

I am so excited to say that today is our last day of the school year! They both had an outstanding year. They have both grown tremendously in their skills. Both Martin and Aaron had fantastic scores on their standardized achievement tests. I can hardly believe the year is complete!
Martin is now a 4th grader and Aaron is a 2nd grader!
Jonathan will begin Kindergarten and enter the "official" Holland School in the fall!
We have a super fun promotion and end of the school year celebration planned for the children. (A blog post and pictures to come later)
We are all looking forward to taking about 8-9 weeks off this summer.
I have lots of plans and goals for myself this summer and I am already working on schedules and charts to keep the 4 children in a routine.
I'll share more about that later.
Happy Summer Vacation!


  1. Woohoo!!! Way to go Martin and Aaron! And way to make it through another year, mama! Can't wait to hear about the end of the year celebration!!

  2. All Right!! I'm sure they are 2 happy boys!

    We are soooo close.... science and history are done, Bible will be done today and then just a little math and language. And that is with starting on December 1 so only 6 months!

  3. Way to go, Holland kiddos! Can't wait to see pictures of your celebration- You are going to have so much fun where you are going!!!!

  4. Let the fun and the summer begin! Congrats to the boys and their teacher!!

  5. Hooray!! Rejoicing with you today!!