Wednesday, June 8, 2011

End of the School Year celebration

For our end of the school year and promotion celebration, we took the children to eat at a Japanese Restaurant!

Since we rarely eat out, it was a huge treat for them! They absolutely loved the fun cooking show that was performed right in front of them.

Our table was definitely the loudest in the restaurant with all the laughter and shouts of glee!

Jonathan was a little overwhelmed by it ... but rather enjoyed the volcano that the chef made out of onions.

I am not actually sure if Rosalie got any of the funny jokes from the chef, but you better believe she was laughing harder and louder than any of the children. She didn't want to feel left out.

Aaron used chopsticks the entire evening.

Jonathan and Rosalie both enjoyed the soup!

It was a super fun evening and the children really had fun ... and there smiles and laughter made the whole night worth it.
Additionally, I am super proud of Martin and Aaron and the hard work they did this year in the 1st and 3rd grade. It's been a fantastic year ... and I look forward to journeying with them next year in the 2nd and 4th ...and starting the journey with Jonathan!


  1. You can see the excitment in their faces!! What a fun treat!!

  2. What a special night! Love seeing how excited they are to be there and knowing what a special treat it indeed was. ☺

  3. So glad that ya'll had fun! That is a great restaurant no matter how old you are :) Yay for a great school year!