Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy, Busy Week!

We've had a busy week! Martin and Aaron have been going to Tae kwon do camp all week long and tonight is the presentation night. We are super excited to go and see all that they have learned this week. The camp functioned like a sports camp/Vacation Bible School. I knew that Aaron would absolutely love it - he thrives in social situations and loves to be with lots of people. I was worried about how Martin would like it. . . he doesn't thrive so much around others and is quite shy in new situations. He has loved it just as much as Aaron. I don't have any pictures to share yet, but I'll be sure to post some pictures next week of the presentation night. They will each break a board tonight. (How cool is that?)
Rich and I have been taking turns taking the two older boys each night or staying at home with the younger two.
I have also been very busy working on a Kindergarten curriculum to use with Jonathan this fall. I absolutely love Heart of Dakota and will continue using it. I just know that Jonathan isn't ready for Little Hearts for His Glory(LHFHG) and the guide before that one is too young for him. So, I have been developing an in between curriculum. I have taken all of the Kindergarten recommendations from LHFHG and will be using those. (i.e. Math, Phonics, and Handwriting) I will be covering Biblical History in great detail. I will be using the Christian Liberty Press "Our Father's World" for Science ... and I have already pulled activities/worksheets off of the internet to use along with those lessons. I plan on using the extra credit Awana workbook for Bible. I have selected several read alouds that are much shorter than the read alouds used in LHFHG. The read aloud concept along with narration training will get him ready for the longer chapter books that we will read aloud for 1st grade. I thought that I had it completely finished (after working on it for a couple hours a day for several weeks). I copied it all out - all 60 pages of it - and then decided I wasn't satisfied with it. So, yesterday I went back through the entire curriculum and tweaked it. Rich has asked me to be certain before I print it again. :)
The blog has suffered as I have been working on this curriculum - but I wanted all 34 weeks of it to be complete before we start the school year - since I will have my hands full once the school year begins. (k, 2nd, 4th grade ... let the fun begin!)
I think I am finished with it now ... but I plan to give it a few more weeks of reading through it and possibly tweaking it further.
Next week is Vacation Bible School at our church. We have another busy week ahead. The 3 boys will be participating. Rosalie will stay at home with Rich each night. We will be busy next week too, but I'll try to update the blog.


  1. Can't wait to see the Tae Kwan Do pictures!!! Great job on the new curriculum too!

  2. Yay for summer fun!! Isn't is great that we can customize our children's school? Even though it was a lot of work, I enjoyed figuring out what to do for E & P this fall. I am sure Jonathan will do great with what you come up with for him.