Monday, November 15, 2010

Wall Hangings, rugs, and furniture ...

This is now one of the two things we have on the wall in our new house!
Most of our walls are still quite bare ... but we are working on that.

This washstand antique is sitting at the top of our stairs in a large niche area. Rich just hung the mirror last week.

I found this area rug a couple weeks ago while out and about, and Rich went and bought it a couple days ago. It contains all the colors in our living room color scheme. We have ideas about what we are going to put on the walls, but haven't found anything yet. We are working on getting curtains as well for this room.

We had new bedroom furniture delivered a couple weeks ago. This may not seem exciting ... but we've never had real nightstands before. We are loving our new nightstands!

Here is another view. Notice the bare walls. It's really going to take a while to make things the way we want them. We have now developed a plan to finish one room at a time. Now that we actually have bedroom furniture, we have moved on to working on completing the living room. Once we have the living room completed, I'll post pictures of before and after.


  1. It is really coming together! You picked the perfect clock. Love it!!

  2. You are made great headway, and it will all come in time! Love the rug colors and texture...makes one want to cuddle up on it in front of the fireplace! Glad you are enjoying your new nightstands too:)

  3. I love your bedroom set and new rug! Definitely worth the wait!!!

  4. You are doing a great job and I know it takes time to get just want you want. 1+ years later and I still have bare walls.....I'm going to get to it once this bathroom re-do is finished.